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VC World Map More Land Edition by ZatGeneral VC World Map More Land Edition by ZatGeneral
After staring at the previous map, the large expanses of ocean bothered me, so I whipped up a new map with more land and more interesting geography + additional tiny islands. :D
What I imagine the rest of the world belonging to the VC universe looks like. Used a map of the real world as a reference and just kinda worked off of that.
Continents include:
Europa (Europe) The center of the Valkyria Chronicles events.
Umbra (Africa) A land torn apart by fire and water. Two great rift valleys cross the continent.
Oria (Asia) A land where landmasses fuse and collide. Mountains shoot high into the sky. 
Oceanus (Australia/Oceania whatever you want to call it) A land of many volcanoes and even more cyclones
Columbia (The Americas) The New World. A single piece of land stretching north to south.

Feel free to use this so long as I and :iconravenzero-one: are credited properly :3 

- - -

Blank Europa map by :iconravenzero-one:
found here

Valkyria Chronicles © 2008, SEGA

Sketched by meh, :iconzatgeneral:

EDIT: Feb 19 2016 Changed Armago to Columbia, after the old name for the continent.
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MuhammadMuizzuddin Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2016
I would be grateful if you would add scales into the map
ZatGeneral Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2016
I'm sorry to say, but this map is out of date. I'll take your suggestion and apply it to the next update in my latest map though. :D
MuhammadMuizzuddin Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2016
Ok lar
MBouillot Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2016
Thank you both for this great map, I think I'll use it for my fanfiction about the world of Valkyria Chronicles. But I'll have to make some territorial divisions to make it more credible, I have divided the territory of the Empire and I've got fifty-one different provinces (Kingdoms, Grand-Duchy, Duchy, etc...), I started a detail, which for yet allowed me to create six "kingdoms" with their leaders. For cons, I do not know where I should place the territory belonging to the family "von Reginrave", those who run the empire.

In any case, this card will be useful to represent the story I imagine the continent of Europa, particularly with the period of the Valkyrur Empire which eventually fragmenting into several small kingdoms, which then will meet again as an empire before the Industrial Revolution causes popular revolutions and the emergence of democracies that formed the Federation.

In short: thank you to RavenZero-One for the base board, and thank you to ZatGeneral for this larger map.

I must not forget to credit you both if I put my card on deviantart. (I ferrais probably, maybe ...)
ZatGeneral Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2016
Well that seems awesome :D
Thank you for the credits and good luck in your endeavor. 
MBouillot Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2016
Very beautiful map Nod Nod :) (Smile) :) (Smile) 
ZatGeneral Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2016
Thank you :D
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